We Love Surf loves to play, and go to the seaside with a surfboard. We Love Surf is a rocknroll/beat/surf duo (voice/guitar and drums) that was born in 2010 to achieve the connection between surfing and music. In 2011 the WSL Bear Pro Longboard World Title Competition made them their house band and used the songs from their first EP 'Holiday' for the event.

In October 2012 the first album 'Go!' was brought out after the release of their single 'Turn off Television', which gave them a lot of exposure throughout Italy’s surf scene. In 2014, 'Up and Riding' (their second album) went on sale with over 70 concerts around Italy, exclusive video preview on RollingStone, streaming on Rockit.it and participation in Occupy Dj and RadioRai Music Club. The band were sponsored by Hurley. In 2015, the single record 'Dune Buggy' was released, revisiting Bud Spencer/Terence Hill music theme. On June 10, 2016, the new duo voice/guitar and drum album 'Peachy Keen' was released, to confirm a clear rock'n'roll band's attitude. At the end of the summer 2017, after an intense live activity, the band started to record the fourth album. On June 22, 2018 We Love Surf released the new album 'Jellyfish' and in 2019 had is first European Tour. In 2021 We Love Surf released the new single and video 'What A Ride!' , almost three minutes, to celebrate the last 10 years of guitar and drums, waves, kilometers and many friends all over Italy and Europe. Waiting for a summer of waves and cgigs, We Love Surf is back with the video of 'Time to Surf' and In October the band played at the Italian edition of the French Festival 'Wheels and Waves'. In March 2023 'Why Should I Not Go?' will be out, the third single taken from the fifth album to be released at the end of the year, as usual for Curaro Dischi.